Selecting The Right Window Treatment

Selecting The Right Window Treatment

There are many questions to be answered when selecting window treatments. Read over the below list of considerations. Remember no matter what your needs or budget, you'll find it at Bliss Design Center.
  • How much of a priority is privacy?

  • Which direction do your windows face? 

  • Are you covering a window in a high moisture area such as a kitchen or bathroom?

  • Are your windows in hard to reach places and do you need treatments with motorization?

  • Do you have windows that are specialty shaped? 

  • Do you want your window treatment to provide sound absorption?

  • Are insulation and protection from UV rays a major factor in your decision?

  • Do you want your window treatments to change the "feel" of your room? 

  • Do you like the casual look of 2" slat blinds or do you prefer a softer formal look a fabric shade can provide?

  • Are cords from blinds a worry to you? Do you have children or pets that create a safety concern?

  • Do you want a blind that you can control the light? or a treatment that is either up or down so that you have an un-restricted view when your blinds are open?

  • Window treatments are an investment. Do you want to increase the value of your home? Not all treatments will increase the re-sale value of your home.

  • What is your budget? No matter what your budget, Bliss Design Center has an option for you that will best suit your style and needs. Isn't it time you called for an in home estimate today?