Special Considerations

Special Considerations

Carpet is well known for its ability to provide warmth, comfort and style to a room. It will absorb unwanted noise and provide firm footing. Carpet has gained a reputation as the floor covering of choice for aging adults.
A top consideration for older individuals, who seek a stable and slip resistance walking surface that will protect them from slipping and falling accidents. Accidents will happen however, carpet surfaces are more effective at providing sure footing than hard or smooth surfaces.

For those individuals who use canes and walkers, maintaining balance will be easier with a low pile carpet combined with an extra firm carpet cushion.

Noise Reduction
Carpet with the appropriate cushion is one the most effective ways to absorb sound, echoing and minimize sound indoors.

Comfort & Warmth
Older adults, whose feet and ankles are more susceptible to temperature changes, will stay warmer on carpet due to its natural insulating properties. Carpet and cushion act as an efficient thermal insulator. For those that have leg and back problems standing or walking on hard surfaces can be quite painful.

Healing Colors
Studies have shown that color has psychological effects on moods. With this in mind, blue, green, teal, mauve, coral, peach and warm neutrals are often chosen for their soothing effects. Avoid "hot" tones such as red, which may raise blood pressure for some, and yellow, which may cause nausea and anxiety to others.

Color also plays a significant role with Alzheimer's patients. According to the Alzheimer's Association, patients remember colors better than numbers, therefore, color in carpet can provide a better memory link to help orient a person to a specific room or area.